ARtists Reframe Prized Opinion

The Advertiser
20th June 2015

'The Advertiser editorial director, Melvin Mansell, who judged this year’s entrants with chief arts writer Patrick McDonald and SALA board member/artist Christopher Orchard, said this year’s entrants also represented the highest standard to date.

“I’ve always been really happy with our finalists but I think this year has taken it to a whole new level, especially when you see them all together,’’ Mr Mansell said.

“Every one of them is very striking and there’s quite a range of styles.

“When you are trying to judge these 12, there’s not much between them ... every one on its day could be a worthy winner.’’

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Fishy label reflects a perfect match 

The Australian
23 August 2014

'A PICTURE of a pile of fish heads is not usual wine label fare. But artist Alise Hardy’s painting, with its glistening scales and succulent guts and twinkling eyes, is exactly the right thing to grace every bottle of 2013 Frederick Stevenson Marsanne Roussanne from the Barossa Valley: the mouth-filling flavours of heady honeysuckle and tangy grape skins make for exactly the kind of white wine you want to wash down a hearty fish stew. The 2014 version — longer skin-contact, unfiltered, cloudy — is even more appropriately and deliciously visceral.' - Max Allen

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The Spectrum Magazine
Volume 11, Number 1, Autumn 2015

alise hardy

“Alise aged 6 years and 4 months is an attractive, outwardly controlled yet inwardly very intense little girl who exhibits Asperger’s Syndrome which affects the way she relates generally, and also copes with every day pressure.” 

Reading this sentence at the age of 22 was how I found out I am on the Autism Spectrum. I was thrown first by the bottomless compliment sandwich, and then by the gravity of the information I had ‘stumbled across’ while rifling through documents on the top of my parents’ bedroom wardrobe in 2010. - Alise Hardy

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The Spectrum Magazine
Cover Art

The Spectrum Magazine
Volume 11, Number 1, Autumn 2015

Frame of mind Exhibition 2015 

Another Piece: News of the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (OTARC) - La Trobe University 
6 March 2015

' ...Alise Hardy's realism and her exploration of sadness. Her portraits draw on what she sees as the pressure for young adult to present their identity with a veil of success.' - OTARC

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